We meet on every wednesday 6.30 PM at Rotary Balbhavan in Panampilly Nagar

Avenue Of Services: Vocational Service


Director: Rtn. PHF Dr. George Paul


1The 4Way Test stamp is being affixed on all the envelopes sending from our Rotary Office at Rotary Balbhavan.
2Classification Talks by Rtn. K.P. Padmakumar, Rtn Dr. George Paulose and Rtn. Razin Rahman C.P. was held on 25/9/13, 16/10/2013 and 2/1/2014.
3Vocational visit to the work place of our Rtn. Francis John, Lazza Ice Cream Factory, Kalamassery was held on 6th October, 2013. 30 Rotarians and their family attended the visit. The visit was followed by lunch.
4Vocational visit to Giridhar Eye Institute, the work place of our Rtn. Dr. A. Giridhar was held on 20/10/2013. About 75 people including Rotarians & Rotaryannes attended the visit.
5Another Vocational Visit to Cochin Ship Yard is scheduled to be held on 25/1/2014.
6Vocational Award for the R.Y. 2013-14 was presented to Ms. Shobha Ramachandran, Dean, Global Public School, on 30/10/2013, considering her contribution to the field of Education. Rtn. AG. Dr. G.N. Ramesh handed over the Award to Ms. Shobha.
7We participated in the Shreshtacharya 2013 Programme organized by Rotary Club of Tripunithura on 3rd December, 2013 at Rotary Balbhavan. We recommended two teachers from the Government Girls High School, Ernakulam. We provided our Rotary Hall at the Rotary Balbhavan for this purpose.
1We are planning to have more classification talks.
2We are planning to have Vocational Visit.

Vocational Visit to Giridhar Eye Institute

Not many would like to visit a hospital on a Sunday morning, especially the doctors in our club. But the huge turnout of nearly 75 Rotarians, Annes and Annettes for a vocational visit to the Giridhar Eye Institute was a sight to see. They were scampering all around making enquiries, taking tests and comparing reports, making me think that seeing is believing. Some of us who have seen the beginning of GEI and the levels it has reached today would not hesitate to appreciate the passion of a man to achieve professional excellence. GEI is now accredited to the National accreditation board for Hopsital and health care products(NABH) and is the 1st eye hospital in Kerala to receive iso9001 certification. With its state of the art facilities, GIE services over 1 lakh patients and performs more than 4000 surgeries annually. GEI has also been actively involved in various community service activites, providing free surgeries and treatment. After the visit, the enlightened group, moved from Giridhar’s dreamland to Dreams hotel for a sumptuous lunch. Here again the personal care shown by Giridhar and Kanchana was remarkable. Bechu Kurien proposed a vote of thanks where he shared that the entire experience was an ‘eye opener’. Congrats !! Giridhar and Kanchana for your achievements. We wish and pray that you achieve greater heights in your mission to provide vision.

Ladies day out(if the picture is not clear, check your eye)Happy President with smiling rotarians
you have fore sightDreams come true

Vocational Visit to an Ice cream Factory

Ice–cream has an ancient history. Emperor Nero had snow mixed with fruits to serve at parties, perhaps while playing the Fiddle. The Chinese King Tang developed combinations circa AD750 and the idea spread to Europe. It was the American pilgrims who popularised it and called it Iced Cream like their favourite Iced Tea. President Thomas Jefferson served it to his guests. The name changed to Ice Cream and the first parlour was opened in New York (Ah, where else?) in 1776. The credit for making it available all–over Kerala belongs to our late Rotarian M.C. John who started Joy Ice Cream which developed into Lazza, Skei and Uncle John brands. Rtn. Francis John who is in charge of his father’s brands invited us Rotarians and Annes for a Vocational Visit to his Lazza Factory in Kalamassery on Sunday, 6 Oct. When Rema and I arrived at the factory, my thoughts went back twenty one years when Rtn. M.C. John and I waded through knee high water planning how to drain the water and start foundation work. Thirty Rotarians , Fourteen Annes and Eight Annettes arrived. We were taken into the factories in batches wearing Gandhi caps which made us look like a bunch of Anna Hazares. We marched in an orderly manner which made PP Gopi look disarmingly happy and relaxed. Rtns. Sundar, Sukumaran, Soman, Suri, Sujit, Sherry, Rafiq, Shiv Nair, Alex. Pres. Raghu and Paul closely followed the explanations by the Engineers. PDG Vishnu and Asha were wondering if chocobar could be sent in the tiffin box in the movie ‘Lunchbox’. Reji Chacko was suggesting to Zac to replace the Sambharam with Lazza at Rotary Cricket matches. Rtns. Salim, John Manavalan. Lava and Kovoor were looking up to see if some vertical development was possible above the factories. Rtns. A.P. Mathew, M.A. John and V.R. Nair were in a contemplative mood. Adm. George, Adm . Suthan and Gopa were walking surefooted through the labyrinth of pipes and valves as if they were inspecting the engine room of a ship. Rtn. Algiers and Zareena were beaming with smiles spreading California like sunshine around. Francis and Leena had made a spread of a variety of Icecreams for us to taste. Coffee Praline and Yoghurt Blueberry were the favourites while yours truly and Rema put together their favourite Swirl, an all time great cone with a never ending sweetness. The surprise item was the spicy icecream which reminded me of my last Vindaloo tasting in Goa. Rtnes. Meenakshy Suri, Dr. Vijaya, Rasheeda, Sobha, Radhika, Ameena, Shanta, Dharini, Cynthia, Dr. Prabha and Grace wholeheartedly enjoyed the variety of combinations. We then drove to Hotel Rennai for a sumptuous lunch. We felt the day was a heady cocktail of Vocational visit, Picnic and Firesidechat, all in one. Rtn. Zac thanked Francis and Leena for the great effort taken for organizing an informative and entertaining day. I heard an Annette saying to her friend ‘Hey Dude, that was cool’. Yep , cool indeed. Rtn. PP Joseph Billy Malieckal

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