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RI Milestones

1905 First Rotary Club met in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1907 First Community Service Project, "Public Comfort Station", Chicago.
1908 Second Rotary Club organised in San Francisco, California, USA.
1909 Rotary Wheel adopted.
1910 First Rotary Club outside USA formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
1910 First International Convention, Paul Harris becomes 1st President and Chisley R Perry, 1st Secretary (continued for 32 years).
1910 Paul Harris married to Jean Thomson.
1910 Rotary becomes International - 1st Convention in Chicago.
1911 The NATIONAL ROTARIAN (forerunner of "The Rotarian") launched; clubs formed in Dublin, Ireland, London, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland.
1912 Rotary becomes "International Association of Rotary Clubs".
1917 Endowment Fund, forerunner of TRF formed.
1917 First International Assembly.
1919 Rotary entered South America, with clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay and Asia with clubs in Manila and Calcutta, India.
1921 Rotary entered Continental Europe, with clubs in Madrid, Spain and entered two more continents with clubs in Melbourne (Australia) and Johannesburg.
1926 Four avenues introduced.
1928 Provision made for endowment fund for a Rotary Foundation.
1928 "The Rotary Foundation" established by RI President Arch C Clump.
1933 Four way test introduced by a Chicago Rotarian Herbert J Taylor.
1941 Youth Service avenue introduced.
1945 49 Rotarians helped to draft United Nation Charter in San Francisco.
1947 Paul P Harris, the founder of Rotary, died. The first Rotary Foundation Scholarship awarded.
1962 First Interact Club formed in Melbourne, Florida, USA.
1963 Jean Harris passed away.
1965 TRF Launches Matching Grant Program and Group Study Exchange Program.
1968 First Rotaract Club formed in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
1971 RYLA accepted as a recognised Youth Program.
1978 The Health, Hunger and Humanity program was initiated to commemorate 75th Anniversary coming in 1980 .
1980 Rotary's 75th Anniversary, on 23rd February.
1985 Polio Plus Program initiated.
1986 Millionth Member admitted to Rotary in February.
1987 First Woman admitted to Rotary in USA.
1988 Rotary declares Eradication of Polio as Centennial Project.
1989 Rotary returns to Eastern Europe.
1989 COL endorses admission of women.
1991 Last case of Polio in America - Louis Fermin (Peru).
1992 75th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation and the International Assembly.
1994 Western Hemisphere declared Polio Free.
1995 India's First National Immunisation Day.
1997 Last case of Polio in Western Pacific - Mum Chanty.
1997 The new District Leadership Plan came into being (creating Asst Governors etc.).
1999 Rotary Centres for International Studies, Peace & Conflict Resolution established.
2000 Western Pacific Region of WHO including China certified Polio Free.
2003 Centenary Celebration Planning begun.
2004 Centennial Projects initiated and Centennial Bell started its journey.

 Archives from 1936-37.

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