We meet on every wednesday 6.30 PM at Rotary Balbhavan in Panampilly Nagar

The Rotary Club Of Cochin

In the 1930’s, people, particularly of the West, when they thought of India, they thought of the North, India of the mutiny; Kipling’s India, of sacred rivers and splendid tombs, of hardy pathans and the mysterious yogi. They landed in Bombay and travelled across to Calcutta and the more adventurous to Delhi, seeing much, but missing something too – The fertile hills and villages of Kerala fragrant and warm and languorously prolific. The story of Rotary in Kerala is almost synonymous with the history of Rotary Club of Cochin. It came to Cochin on 26th September 1936 when the first interest meeting of 16 individuals was held at the Malabar Hotel. The landscape of Rotary since then has become so vast, prolific and penetrating. On this website, you will get glimpse of the rich history of the Rotary Club of Cochin, the current activities of the club and our future plans. The journey continues……..

Rtn. Pres. Raveendra Krishnan
Rotary Club of Cochin
Balbhavan & Vocational Training Center
Panampilly Nagar
Cochin - 682 036, Kerala, India.
Phone : +91 484 2315430, 2314239
E-mail : rotarycochin2013@gmail.com

Rtn Secy. Prakash D Aswani

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